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"By contributing to our CIVIC system, you enable us to celebrate people through community betterment!"

Chris Digirolomo, Polliticly Founder

Chris Digirolomo

CEO & Founder

What We Do.

We are a community built by and for creative thinkers striving to use the value of their insights to drive positive change. 

Our CIVIC system allows us to harness the power of public opinion, transform it into actionable intelligence, and award our users with Polliticly Points. 

The Polliticly Points can be redeemed for Programs Powered by Polliticly which utilize local businesses and American made products. By showcasing what makes local communities unique we aim to unify the United States with a shared feeling of community betterment. 

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Join Our Community.

Want to stay up to date with current events in finance, politics, business, economics, science, and technology?

Student looking for sources for their next paper? 

Discovered something interesting and want to share it? 

All while earning points and changing lives? 

There is something for everyone on Polliticly!

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Our Story.

Polliticly was originally founded based on the mission to bridge the gap between constituent and representative. We evolved since then. Now our mission is provide an educational tool that enriches the minds of users and the communities they inhabit. Too many hours of human life has been spent mindlessly scrolling through curated content and these companies make billions of dollars through selling your data. Through our CIVIC system we give our users a data dividend in the form of Polliticly Points. You matter and so does your community, let's get started. 

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Have an idea for us? Those looking to partner, invest, or get a better idea of what we do contact us at anytime.

We are open to all types of inquiries and do provide internship opportunities. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.